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Guitar Right Hand Rhythms

  • Learn the fingers and hand movements with the intro videos.
  • Memorise the patterns using the chart and legend.
  • Play-along with the level 1 speed training video. Repeat the video till you feel it is easy.
  • Play-along with the level 2 up to level 4 speed training videos. Repeat them as needed till they are easy.
  • Do this process daily or regularly and you will be smooth at playing right hand rhythms to any song you choose.
  • The hand coordination and timing you will develop in these videos will crossover to any new right hand guitar rhythms you learn in the future.
  • The skills you develop here will allow you to develop your own creative rhythms if you wish.
  • These rhythms are advanced, but anyone can learn them because of the way I have broken them down.
  • They take time to learn, but are worth the effort, as you only need to learn a few rhythms, and you will be able to play your favourite songs in an interesting way.

Guitar Left Hand Chords

Now you don't need to guess what you need to learn to play all your favourite RnB songs on guitar.

I have put together all the chords that will play all the songs you love, and build your left hand skills in a useful way, instead of guessing.

Instantly make your own songs by playing the chords I have given, as I've sorted out all the chords that go well together. This will leave you making fresh music for years without having to guess which chords work together.

No need to learn music theory to get playing and make your songs sound great, just choose chords from the same key and get started.

Use a capo to modify the key for your voice. With these easy open chords and few barre chords, you don't need to memorize chords in all 12 keys. This is guitar truly simplified to the max, and will limit hand strain and forgetting of songs.

Guitar Combining Left & Right Hands (Chords & Rhythms)

Have you already learnt how to play chords on guitar?

Do you know some strumming or fingerpicking patterns?

But you just can't seem to put them together and play smoothly?

Do you have keep having to stop the right hand rhythms every time you have to change chords, or on certain chords?

Or do the strings buzz or not play correctly when you are playing?

Do you find you can't keep up with the song you are trying to play?

I have the solution. There are two things you need to train (assuming you can already play a chord clearly, and you can already play a rhythm with the right hand alone).

Those two things are:

1) the speed of your left hand chord changes, by training each finger one at a time, and then the fingers moving as a whole into a chord shape

2) the speed of the playing when combining both hands - you have to play super slow and give yourself the time to make the chord changes accurately, while playing the rhythm smoothly - and then very gradually build up that speed.

This play along course gives you exactly those skills.

All you need to do is put the videos on and play along with me and fix your errors and you will be playing smoothly with both hands in a matter of weeks to months.

I am excited to bring you this course, as I am confident of the amazing change it will make in your playing.

It is the method I used to get my playing smooth, and will definitely take you to the level you want to be at, and get you ready to learn to start singing with your playing.

Guitar - Sing & Play At The Same Time Smoothly

Can you already play guitar pretty well?

You're on time, everything sounds sweet, but as soon as you try to sing, your guitar playing falls apart?

Or maybe you can get through 50% of the song, but the other half you go off?

Or maybe you are killing it, and there's only a quarter of the song or a few lines that you can't seem to get in time?

I know how you feel. I've designed a remedy for you to get through these hard spots.

You see, when you start to sing while you are playing guitar, you are actually creating a polyrhythm, which means two rhythms at the same time.

It's like trying to tap one rhythm with your left foot, and a different rhythm with your right foot.

It can be done, but it takes training.

But isn't it weird, because you can already play in time, and you can sing in time, but doing both at the same time is so hard - so how do you actually train it?

I have devised a set of exercises which are what I used to be able to train the act of combining two simultaneous rhythms.

There are a few rhythms which we used to sing, and we need to train to sing them, while our right hand is playing a different rhythm, such as a strum.

This course will teach you how to create that ability in you to match two rhythms in sync with each other. The trick is to do it along with me, as I can already do it, so you have a guide, but also to do it slow enough so that it's not overwhelmingly difficult for you.

Then I gradually get you to sing the different rhythms while playing, faster and faster, in tiny speed increments.

All you have to do is play and sing along, and repeat the exercise on a regular

basis for 10 to 20 minutes a day, and you will be able to sing your favourite songs while you play with a few weeks to months.

This course will teach you the skills as much as can be done, and the method you will learn in these videos will then need to be applied to your particular songs and strum/fingerpicking/melody patterns.

But first, simply play and sing along, and hopefully these skills will get you to the point where you can play your songs with their different right hand patterns, and if it doesn't, try to use the method you learn from going through these videos and pinpoint the exact areas where you are having trouble. If it's still too hard to figure it out, get a lesson and I'm sure I'll be able to help you get through it.

I am very happy to bring you this course and am confident you will make amazing useful progress with consistent practice.

Piano - Learn Chords & Rhythms To Use For Singing

Do you want to learn how to play the backing chords and rhythm for your voice on piano?

Just enough so that you can look up the chords for any song, and then play them while you sing.

You don't want to go through an entire book or lessons on classical piano and music you don't care about, just so you can learn to play the backing chords for your voice.

I have made it simple for you.

When I started, learning piano was confusing, and I thought I had to learn to read sheet music, learn to play in all keys, learn all these beginner songs I had no use or care for, and learn to melodies that I wasn't going to play, because I just wanted to back up my voice with some smooth chords and rhythm.

I have made it simple for you, and let you get straight into learning piano to back up your voice, by starting with a common chord progression.

All you have to do is play along with these videos, and they will give you the physical skills you need to play the piano.

With this training, you will have the physical ability and ear to play in time, and then you can go and find the chords for your favourite songs, and be able to play them or know how to approach getting better at them, since I have outlined the skills to break down chords and chords progressions in each of these videos.

With these videos, you will be playing piano chords and rhythm smoothly in a matter of months, with only 20 minutes a day of practice. Some people may master it in weeks, if they are faster learners.

That is how powerful my teaching approach is. My teaching method is simply based on going super slow, but in actual time, not just slow, and then gradually building it up to faster and faster tempo, but very incremental, so that it doesn't get too fast, too soon.

I hope you enjoy this course and the fun you will have learning piano in this way, and the fast progress you will see, compared to learning with different methods.

Rhythm - Table Hand Drumming & Beatboxing

Do you have bad timing?

Do you wish you knew how to tap or drum your hands in time with any song?

Do you wish you could easily copy a rhythm with your mouth with a beatbox?

This course teaches you the skill of learning an advanced rhythm, even if you are a beginner.

It takes you through step by step, teaching you to memorise the rhythm, and then extremely gradually takes you faster, using several methods, to make sure you learn all the skills necessary to have great timing. 

This course is a very fun and effective way to learn a real exciting rhythm, and get you started on your percussive journey. 

Rached Hayek
Rached Hayek
Teacher - Singer - Songwriter - Guitarist - Cajon Dummer - Salsa Dancer

I wasn't born a natural singer. I watched as my naturally talented siblings learnt at incredible speed, and wondered why I was having so much trouble improving at vibrato, runs, pitch and rhythm.

I turned my passion for music, into a passion for learning. Slowly over 15 years, through trial and error, ups and down of progress and plateaus, I finally came to a place where I learnt how to transform myself as quick as possible and in a fun way, and created a way to share this with others, so they can do the same, without the need to see a teacher every week, as I didn't and neither do you.

Here I hope to provide you with unique resources, and ask of you only a dedication to practice 10 minutes or more a day, a hunger to learn, and maybe a checkup every now and then with me, to correct any errors and help with weak spots, if needed.

It has been incredibly fun learning, and continuing to learn, and I hope you join me, and learn my easy to follow step by step approach to becoming an advanced singer/guitarist/songwriter.

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