Karim Hayek - His Mind

Debut Album | taught by Rached Hayek

Course description

This is Karim Hayek's debut album, and at the age of 22, he is smashing the RnB world with his unique influence of artists, which has resulted in his burst of creativity in this album.

His vocal runs are world class, his falsetto & head voice will amaze you with it's flexibility and strength, his high and low notes will excite you and his lyrics will set the scene in your mind with clarity and depth.

Karim has written, performed and produced every song on this album, entirely alone, and the quality will astound you.

These songs will grab a hold of you and take you to a new world, and you will be repeating this songs for years to come.

Presenting Karim Hayek - His Mind.

Rached Hayek
Rached Hayek
Teacher - Singer - Songwriter - Guitarist - Cajon Dummer - Salsa Dancer

I wasn't born a natural singer. I watched as my naturally talented siblings learnt at incredible speed, and wondered why I was having so much trouble improving at vibrato, runs, pitch and rhythm.

I turned my passion for music, into a passion for learning. Slowly over 15 years, through trial and error, ups and down of progress and plateaus, I finally came to a place where I learnt how to transform myself as quick as possible and in a fun way, and created a way to share this with others, so they can do the same, without the need to see a teacher every week, as I didn't and neither do you.

Here I hope to provide you with unique resources, and ask of you only a dedication to practice 10 minutes or more a day, a hunger to learn, and maybe a checkup every now and then with me, to correct any errors and help with weak spots, if needed.

It has been incredibly fun learning, and continuing to learn, and I hope you join me, and learn my easy to follow step by step approach to becoming an advanced singer/guitarist/songwriter.