Samba Basic Footwork - Developing Super Fast Speed

taught by Rached Hayek

Course description

Do you know the basic samba step but can't figure out how to get your feet to move faster?

Do you hear the awesome blazingly fast samba songs in the club, but don't hear the timing, or can't dance as fast as the pros that suddenly break out dancing samba at super fast speed?

Maybe you don't want to go to samba classes, but you just want to be able to get this basic step down, so you can have fun with it on the dance floor when they play samba at the salsa club, or a samba feel solo in the middle of a salsa song, or even just using the samba step as a shine.

This is your remedy. All you have to do is play the video and dance along with me. I am dancing along to a samba beat, so you will be able to hear what the timing is and watch me and copy my movement and see exactly what you need to be doing. I have taken out the guess work. There are 16 different speeds and you dance for 90 seconds at each speed before you move on. There are four levels, with four speeds in each level. Start from the beginning, and when it gets too fast, go back and start from the beginning again, or stick to the video that is at your comfortable limit that you can repeat for the duration of the video.

I developed my timing and built my speed this way, and I was horrible when I started and couldn't stay in time, and was too slow for the music. You will see progress every time you dance with these videos. Put them on and spend 10 to 20 minutes a day dancing with them, and your speed and timing will develop to an amazing level in 1 to 6 months, depending on where you are starting and how much you practice. 

Now get started and get your timing and speed up to the level you need it to be to have even more fun on the dance floor!

Rached Hayek
Rached Hayek
Teacher - Singer - Songwriter - Guitarist - Cajon Dummer - Salsa Dancer

I wasn't born a natural singer. I watched as my naturally talented siblings learnt at incredible speed, and wondered why I was having so much trouble improving at vibrato, runs, pitch and rhythm.

I turned my passion for music, into a passion for learning. Slowly over 15 years, through trial and error, ups and down of progress and plateaus, I finally came to a place where I learnt how to transform myself as quick as possible and in a fun way, and created a way to share this with others, so they can do the same, without the need to see a teacher every week, as I didn't and neither do you.

Here I hope to provide you with unique resources, and ask of you only a dedication to practice 10 minutes or more a day, a hunger to learn, and maybe a checkup every now and then with me, to correct any errors and help with weak spots, if needed.

It has been incredibly fun learning, and continuing to learn, and I hope you join me, and learn my easy to follow step by step approach to becoming an advanced singer/guitarist/songwriter.